Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So sorry for being such a slacker but...

The big 2 year old!

"Moooommm, stop with the pictures would ya??"

I really do have a decent reason for my summer laziness.  Steve and I are expecting our second kiddo in February.  As with my first pregnancy, I was pretty nauseous all the time the first 3 months.  The thought of sitting at the computer was enough to send me running to the bathroom.   The sewing machine went in the closet and last night finally saw the light of day again.  Now that I'm past the first trimester, I should be getting back to normal and I know my house is especially happy of that.  Clean laundry all the time, home cooked meals, taking Ava out of the house and farther away from the couch where mommy spent too much time trying not to be sick :o) Thank goodness I'm feeling better just in time for my favorite season, FALL!! 

I decided that trying to tell you about our summer sounded daunting so instead I'm just going to start from right now and go forward.  We've got tons of things on our fall calendar already and lots of small projects in the works so I have plenty to share.  

Little Miss Ava did have her second birthday (yay!) and we went to Destin, FL recently for a little R&R.  Ava loved the beach and ocean.  She is definitely a water baby which is good because both mommy and daddy love the beach and we are already planning future beach vacations.

Thanks to all of you who stuck around during my really, really long absence!!