Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Elves are Here!

Ella and Emma Elf finally made it to our house.  A few days late but they did make it.  These two little ladies are admittedly not very elfish but more Christmas-y.  This was my first attempt at doll making of any kind and overall I am happy with them.  I used this template from Martha Stewart's website to get a rough idea of what I was doing but improvised a few things.  I learned a lot and will make a few changes next time.  I have a feeling that I will be making a few more of these but bigger and for everyday use like tea parties, hugging and reading time.  I've already got a gazillion ideas for accessories and hair for these little ladies.  

Every morning Ava wakes up and searches the house for the 2 elves and her wrapped book.  These 2 tricky elves hide in a new spot each night which makes our normal mornings a lot more fun.  She loves to hold them both while we read her the Christmas book that Ella and Emma have left for her each morning.  I cherish making these memories with our family and can not wait to add our little boy to the mix too.  

I'd love to hear about any traditions you and your family have for Christmas.


  1. Oh Amy those 'elves' are perfect!
    What a lovely idea to hide them each morning!
    What wonderful memories you are creating for Ava. Clever mommy! JanUK

  2. I love your elves!!!! They are TWO cute. Merry Christmas.