Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Just thought I would pass along a good source for coupons. Now that we are down to one income I have really started to watch where we spend our money and who doesn't like getting a good deal anyway, right? http://www.coupons.com/ has great coupons to download and print off on your own computer. You do have to install a coupon printer but only once and then you are on your way to saving money. There are a lot of coupons I don't print but several that I always do. Right now there is a coupon for $1.50 off a bag of Starbucks coffee. Target is the cheapest place in our area to buy it so it makes a 12 oz. bag around $5.50. Way cheaper than actually going to Starbucks for a cup! You can print the same coupon up to 4 times too. I know I printed 4 Starbucks coupons and gave 3 of them to my Dad, who goes through more coffee than I do. If you shop the ads, you can combine coupons and weekly ad sales and get some items really cheap or free. Happy shopping!

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