Monday, November 21, 2011


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If there is one thing I've realized in life, it's just how precious life truly is.  I know too many people who have lost loved ones too soon.  I know of *several* little ones fighting life threatening illnesses and even an unborn baby girl fighting for her life before she's made her entrance into this world.  I don't understand it nor will I ever understand it.  All I know is that it makes me want to kiss my little ones every chance I get.  I want to snuggle with them a little longer.  I take the moments to laugh with them and let the laundry wait for a while.  The laundry will always be there...  

With the holidays approaching, I hope you take the time out to just be with your family and enjoy spending time together.  I know that's what I'll be doing.

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  1. Amy, here is my little boy applying to colleges throughout the UK. I want him to stay at home but know he has to spread his wings and fly. So you enjoy your little ones while you can - they are SO precious - the years go so fast.
    Adorable photos. Thank you so much for sharing. JanUK