Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"What?  I'm just sitting here reading a book with my owl hat on.  
Doesn't everyone do that?"

This kiddo gives me so many reasons to smile each and every day.  His lastest version of smiling consists of him not opening his mouth at all.  Just this little smirk, if you will.

Lack of blogging lately is do to the craziness that was kicked off by Halloween.  We've had play dates, sleepovers with Cousin Lex, outings with friends, Usborne home shows, etc. etc.  I do have a few new yummy recipes to share in the upcoming weeks.  If I can ever get around to taking pics of the finished product before we gobble it all up!  Hope life is treating you well.  Happy Wednesday all!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my - that little man lights up the corners of my heart I never knew were dark....and that hat - wow - a fashion statement if ever there was one. You should see the one I'm just about to put on for walking the dog young Cole!
    Looking forward to admiring many more of the Cole Collection hats - not to be seen however without a brilliant smile! Thank you Mom for sending me off to the woods with a warmth in my heart. JanUK