Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Letter from the Big Guy

I love this free printable letterhead from Santa himself.  This is the first year that Ava actually understands who Santa is and is very excited about meeting him and of course the goodies he will bring.  She is even going to write him a letter as one of her first assignments left buy our elves (more about our elves here).  This will be the perfect way for Santa to write back.  This year our lovely little elves are bringing activities for our family to do such as write a letter to Santa, drive around and see Christmas lights, make hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie.  The elves are also going to bring the occasional gift as well such as books, ornaments, etc.   It should be a nice change for out elves.


 Found this via Pinterest.  Did I mention that I'm slightly addicted :)

{Image Source:  Design Editor via Pinterest}


  1. Just popping by to say Hi, over there! Hope you are all well. Know you will be a busy mom but JanUK would love a tiny update on how it goes with you guys! x

  2. Oh well no update but a month or so on I still live in hope to see how your little ones are growing up.

  3. It's over a year......I hope you are all well over there. Children no doubt growing fast and looking forward to Christmas. I'm always hoping one day I'll get an email so say there has been an update. Take care. I hope you read this. I miss your little blog. JanUK

  4. Still popping on and hoping one day there will be an update. It's been a long time.............JanUK