Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6 weeks and counting

With a little less than 6 weeks until our little man is officially due my husband has been "nesting" so that means that I have started as well.  We moved Steve's office to the basement, shampooed carpet, painted, picked up new furniture, set up Ava's big girl room and started to get the baby room ready, too. I didn't know how Ava would take her furniture being moved out of her room to the baby room.  Once she saw her big girl bed she was thrilled and immediately climbed up on it.  She was more than happy to give her crib to her baby brother and didn't look back once.  See that big smile above?

Now on to a little complaining...I'm ready for this little one to come any day.  I know that sounds early but he is a big boy, and I'm already tired of being kicked in the ribs.  With Ava I was a week late and never uncomfortable.  I know that sounds unbelievable but I enjoyed being pregnant and never had aches or pains to complain of.  This child on the other hand is causing a lot of sleepless and restless nights.  I have a hard time standing for long periods of time, too.  Did I mention that he's just a big kiddo?  You know you're in trouble when your doctor jokingly says we should name him Bubba.  I'm hoping that for my sake and my husband's, he does decide to come a little early because I don't know how much more *ahem* griping my husband can listen to ;o)  

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  1. Ava looks happy in her new bedroom! Amy you are prob more tired this time around with having a pretty little daughter to look after - last time you probably just put your feet up if you felt tired! Take it easy (when you can!) JanUK