Thursday, January 13, 2011

eeBoo: Educational Toys & Games for Kiddos

I discovered eeBoo while looking for ideas for Ava for Christmas.  She received several of their games and toys from Santa.  I even ordered the alphabet cards to hang in baby boy's room.  Ava is currently obsessed with the Lotto game.  So much so that I had to hide the game for a day just so I could take a break from playing it.  She loves the Mystery in the Forest matching game too.  We make up stories using the little pictures instead of reading books some days.  She loves that just as much as matching them.  

I fell in love with this company because they teach valuable skills, they're well made and the illustrations are very detailed and adorable.  I ordered all of our eeBoo items from Amazon because they had the cheapest prices, no tax and free shipping (for orders of $25).  You can't really beat that.  If you have any kid birthdays coming up then I would definitely look into all Eeboo has to offer.  We've been loving their stuff in our house.

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