Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Egg dying was a huge success.  She was content just putting each egg in one color and then picking it up every so often to see how dark the dye was making the shell.  I thought for sure she would be dunking each egg in multiple colors and we would have a big mess on our hands.  We had one casualty as she dropped the egg from the lovely wire holder into the cup from about 6 inches too high but other than that she was a pro.  Next year we are upping the difficulty level and making them more colorful.  I'm seeing glitter and permanent marker with colorful dyes somehow.  Who knows...I've got a year to figure it out!

Hope your Easter is filled with happiness and family.  Our hearts are extra full this year as we celebrate with our new little guy.  So much to be grateful for and we are!

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  1. Happy Easter to you all over there Amy, from all of us over here in the UK! The sun is shining on us - makes a change!
    What a lovely activity for Ava to do. She looks like she is really concentrating hard in the photo! Good girl and good Mom for doing wonderful activities with her! JanUK