Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She's So Obviously My Kid...

because she does goofball things like this and then laughs hysterically at herself.  

Sorry for the lull in posts.  Things are good here.  Little stinker man is now sleeping through the nights.  (This is where you hear a choir of angels singing Hallelujah.)  However, Ava has decided she can't sleep through the night by herself anymore.  (Booooo!!)  One of these days I will get a full nights sleep!  The weather has been great here so we've busted out the water table and have been playing outside a lot with plenty of chalk, bubbles and soccer.  I keep thinking I'll tire the kid out and she'll sleep but no.  There haven't been many crafty things going on here lately but I'm hoping to hop back on that wagon again soon.  Happy Wednesday all!


  1. Ava will love you for that photograph Amy when she brings home her first boyfriend! But you're not letting her get ahead of herself yet - chalk, bubbles and soccer seem fine play for a long time to come yet! (sleep can come later - who needs it anyway?!) Looking forward to a few crafty blog days - the messier the better! JanUK

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  3. Oh dear - what has happened to my favourite blog??? Hope you are all ok over there in the U.S. JanUK x

  4. It's now September - no blogging on here since May. Amy I know you will have been busy with your new son - and I hope and pray that is the only reason for lack of news.
    Just thinking of you all - sending you love from the UK
    If you read this and are fine just put in a quick note to let me know are ok - then I will be at peace and leave you be.
    Kind regards