Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're Alive

Cole:  6 months

Rapunzel (AKA: Ava) 3 years

Well, contrary to popular belief we are still alive and kicking over here.  I have lots to blog about since we've had a super busy summer.  Having 2 littles definitely keeps you hoppin'!  I'm hoping to get back into my regular blogging routine in the next week or so.

Jan...Thanks for your concern!  I've missed reading your comments :o)


  1. Phew - that's fine Amy! Knew you would prob be busy with the little ones but with the tornado in your area awhile back just made me wonder!!!
    Oh my just look at Ava and Cole what a difference a few months make!
    Just take your time Amy - no hurry to get blogging - now I know you are all well!

  2. Keep up the good work. :)
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  3. Amy I can't seem to leave any new comments! So I'm just trying this to see if I can leave comments on the older blogs where I have already left a message!
    Hope you read this!!!
    I think I can leave a comment on the older blogs - I'm gonna try the 'newer' blogs after this has been posted!
    If I don't leave any comments on the newer blogs then you know 'Houston we have a problem!'
    JanUK (phew!)