Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Totally Penny

Howdy folks!  I know it's been a while and I am scolding myself for that as we speak...errrr, read.  I thought I would jump back into things sharing one of my new goals.  My wee one, Cole, is now 7 months old.  Wow, how times has flown by with this little man!  Anywhoo, needless to say there is still baby weight 7 months later.  I decided the best way to handle this is to run.  It's cheap, no gym needed, you walk out your door and start going and it seems that everyone is doing it so why can't I?  I downloaded the Couch to 5K app for my phone and started running.  Now let me say I'm only at the end of week 2 but I am going strong and don't hate it...yet.  Now, my husband and I don't watch very many of the same shows but we both really like Happy Endings.  I love the character Penny and when I saw the episode posted below I almost peed my pants.  I do exactly what Penny is doing only I do it in my head.  For that, my husband is thankful :)  I'm just curious how many other people do this???  Me and Penny can't be the only ones...


  1. Amy been trying to leave a comment for days!!! Let's hope this works!
    Yeah - it does!
    Will get back to you soon!!!

  2. Amy I like nothing better than to get on my indoor treadmill with an audio book on my ipod. Can't do pounding the sidewalks (as I think you call them!) my knees wouldn't take it!
    You enjoy your running!