Friday, July 17, 2009

Bath and the Surrounding Area

After the go, go, go pace of London, we headed west on a train the quaint city of Bath. Our B&B was great,, and the town was so small that we could walk everywhere. The town is known for the Roman Bath House that is near the center of town which is a natural hot spring. We ate at some great restaurants and took a day trip from there to some of the surrounding small villages and sites. We visited Stonehenge, Avebury (like Stonehenge only larger), and the villages of Lacock and Castle Combe. All 4 stops on the trip were amazing. In the 2 villages, you really couldn't take a bad picture. I've already picked out a few to enlarge and frame for the house. These were two perfect English countryside villages. I felt like I was walking around a movie set. These two villages, in fact, have been used in many movies including the newly released Harry Potter (more to come on that later). The two stone monument sites are truly amazing. Just walking among the stones is humbling. They are not entirely sure why either site was built and that adds to the allure of these sites. Of course, pictures don't do justice but here are a few of the hundreds we took. I won't bore you with all 1,600 we took in the two weeks ;o)

The Bath Abbey (at this point we realized every town has an Abbey)

Mary Poppins anyone??
Avebury-part of the remaining outer circle of stones

Largest stone at Avebury

Stonehenge on a rainy day

Stonehenge with the Gucki

A street in Lacock

Typical home in Castle Combe

The Roman Bath House
and finally me in front of a very large horse carved out of the hill. It is white because the ground here contains chalk. There are about 6 of these horses throughout this area.

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