Monday, July 13, 2009

London and Great Friends

We have been fortunate enough to have Hart and Valerie in our lives for several years now. Hart works for the State Dept. and is moving every couple years to different countries working in the Embassy. We visited them in Prague a few years ago which is a gorgeous city. They moved to London last year with their two adorable boys. They were gracious enough to let us invade their home for 4 days at the start of our trip. London is a busy, bustling city. We hardly sat the 4 days we were there. We did all the touristy things like the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum, West Minster Abbey, the Tower of London, etc., etc. All of these sites are amazing and very cool to actually step foot into these places that are so old. I forget sometimes how "new' America is. Some of my fondest memories of London are the none tourist things we did. Steve and I went to Gordon's wine bar one night and had a blast. It is actually in a wine cellar and candle lit. They served great wine, cheese and bread in a very unique setting. We took pictures but they turned out horrible because of the lighting. Playing cards one night with Hart and Valerie was a blast and so was the cricket game with them (although I still don't understand the game...could be because I talked to Val the entire time :O) There is so much history in that city and we barely scratched the surface.

Trafalgar Square

Parliament Building
The London Eye

Steve-o in the phone booth

Good Ole Big Ben
Abbey Road

The Tower Bridge

Me and the Beefeaters at the Tower of London

Steve and I in front of Buckingham Palace

The changing of the guards

Thank you Hart and Valerie for a great time in London!! We miss you!!

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  1. Thanks for not posting any pics from the card game! lol Miss you guys!!