Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lemony Goodness

Lemon Still from KristineNoel Photography

Silkscreened Seaweed Tote from Willywaw

Lemon Sugar Cookie Soap from Anderson Soap Company
I just got this in the mail and it smells amazing!!

Yellow Flower Beanie from Nuxie Made
Ava has one of her hats and every time she wears it people want
to know where I got it.  Best hat ever!

I've been in a bit of a mood lately and for no good reason.  We had a great day at the zoo today which was a last minute trip on a gorgeous day.  We had an amazing Easter weekend.  I have a trip to Vegas next week with my BFF and our moms, so I should be on cloud nine...but I'm not.  I guess that's just part of being a girl....hmmmpf!  Anyway, browsing Etsy always makes me feel better, so I went to their search tool and typed in lemon.  Can you believe all the cheerful things I found.  Yay, Etsy, you made my day a little brighter!


  1. Smile! :) How's that quilt coming? Or should I not ask? ;)

  2. I am all over that lemon color. Pairs so well with gray, too!