Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

Ava woke up from her nap the other day saying, "I want to see Santa and sit on his lap."  I'm thinking ummmmm, ok.  This was coming from the girl who takes a good while to warm up to people she already knows so the the fact that she brought up Santa and wanted to sit on his lap was huge.  After dinner we loaded up and went to Bass Pro Shop which has a great free Christmas village and a free picture with Santa.  We walked right up to Santa (no lines or time for her to change her mind) and he was amazing.  I can't stress how non-scary he was for her.  He talked to her and held her 2 little hands and then asked if she wanted to sit on his lap for a picture.  I know that again none of these pictures show big smiles but there were no tears and that was great in my book.  Her and daddy colored, played with rc cars and she loved the train.  I even got a little Christmas shopping for my dad done while we were there.  On the car ride home she announces from the back seat, "I love Santa."  That kid just melts my heart. 


  1. Will you look at her face in that top photo?! I can't take it. So cute!

  2. Those photo's melt my heart too Amy. Precious times. JanUK

  3. Jillian cried...I really didn't think she would as she is usually pretty good with strangers if mommy is there too but she totally freaked out.