Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Imagination at it's Best

Ava's at the point in her playing that is really fun for me to watch and eavesdrop on.  She makes things up and has her animals talk to each other.  Most of the time she uses phrases that I say or Steve says.  Her favorite pretend play right now is using her doctor kit on all her animals.  She refers to herself as Dr. Ava as she diagnoses and fixes up all her furry patients.  She also likes to garden while in the tub.  She has a favorite little watering can that she plays with while taking a bath.  She even sings to her flowers as she waters them.  The things that come out of her mouth just make me smile.   

While she loves pretending, it often leads to this at naptime.  
Not so much napping and a whole lot of playing until eventually she passes out. At least for now she is still taking naps and for that I'm grateful!


  1. Imagination - a wonderful thing to have - and delightful to observe in the young. Wonder how that will change when 'little man' puts in an appearance! Joy of joys! JanUK
    p.s. just enough room in that bed for Ava!

  2. So funny! That is what Olivia looks like every morning! She woke up today with marks on her legs from the books she was sleeping on!