Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kids Project for Valentine's Day

The snow is here and we've been stuck in the house for 7 days now between Ava being sick and now the weather.  I've pretty much exhausted my ideas of things to do.  I'm hoping that tomorrow we can venture out into the winter wonderland to expend some of her energy.

Today, I got together a few materials for Ava to make her own Valentine's for her friends.  Here's what you'd need to make these too...
*Some festive scrapbook paper shapes.

*A glue stick:  This was the first time that Ava has used a glue stick and now she's obsessed!  She glued these flowers for almost an hour.

*Crayons or markers if the little artist decides to add a splash of color.

*Some photos of the wee one to make them even more personal.

I let Ava do these all by herself.  She picked out everything from the supplies I gave her and she went to town creating.  It's amazing what a little glue, paper and crayons can do for a budding 2 year old artist.  

For another easy Valentine idea, check out this post from last year.  The fingerprint hearts are super easy for little ones under 2 to make their own art.

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  1. Great fun! Creativity starting already! JanUK