Monday, February 7, 2011

Naturally Sweet Valentine's Idea

We go through a lot of fruit around here.  Right now our big kick is anjou pears which have been really, really good in the stores lately.  When Ava wakes from her nap she usually wants a small snack and instead of reaching for Teddy Grahams or pretzels, she wants fruit.  I'm happy to oblige her.  We share with Simon, our bun, too.  He couldn't be happier with that snack option either.  

As I was reading through some blogs, I ran across these stickers which are adorable and a nice departure from the sickeningly sweet candy that most people are forcing in your face around Valentine's Day.  Go check out her blog, Twig and Thistle to download these and several more stickers for a healthier holiday.

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  1. Oh Amy they are brilliant - thanks!
    About to download! JanUK