Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Prep

Our pumpkins have carefully been selected...

Costumes are complete and have been tried on multiple times by Miss A just to make sure everything is "alright."

 All the ingredients are bought and ready to make our spooky ghost treats for friends...
Image from The Idea Room

 and the monster dough and parts are all set to go for our play date that has been canceled due to all the other littles being sick :(  Miss A will be making all the monsters on her own.  I'm sure she will still have loads of messy fun all by herself!

These holidays are so much more fun when you see all the excitement in your kiddo's eyes.  Sooo worth all the work and trips to the store.  More Halloween fun to come!

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  1. Very excited for you over there from us over here! Loving those shoes!!! Yes indeedy. Tell that Miss A. when she ever out grows them send them over to me! JanUK