Friday, January 22, 2010

Completing the "H"

The infamous cheese face

Ava has been sick. It's been going on for almost 5 weeks now. We went from a fever to an ear infection to tonsillitis to having an allergic reaction to amoxicillin turning Ava into what we called in our house (very lovingly of course) reptile baby to the common cold and cough that won't let go. There was a small light at the end of the tunnel for about 4 days were I thought she was getting better but then she took a nose dive again. For all you who have little ones or have had them at one time, you know that if your child is sick and can't sleep that means you don't sleep either. For almost 5 weeks, we have been sleeping very irregularly. There have been a couple nights were I end up bringing her in bed with us until she falls into a coma sleep. Steve then very carefully carries her back to her bed. I am not one for having your kid in bed with you...ever!!

The other night she was coughing and coughing and it wasn't letting up. Steve went and got her to come sleep with us for a while. A while ended up turning into the entire night which was a first for us. There is a reason that the wee one doesn't spend the whole night with us other than being fearful of starting a bad habit...she hogs the king sized bed. Morning came and Steve and I were waking up on each edge of the bed and I commented on how she sleeps the wrong way. Steve casually comments, "Oh, she's just completing the "H". That made me laugh so hard that it woke Ava up. Ava started laughing because she saw us laughing but she had no clue why. Once the kid sat up, I was was laughing even harder due to the totally awesome bed head. It's a good thing I love that kid so much because we have been seriously lacking in the sleep department!!

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  1. That's GREAT! (Though she will hate you for that picture in years to come!) Unfortunately, she has Guckes-Hair! lol (You know I say that out of love!)