Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skate Party!!!

My beautiful niece turned 8 on the 30th of December and she wanted to have a "real" birthday party. I guess her celebrations with her family weren't real :o) She and 9 of her friends had a skate party at a local skating rink in the area. It happened to be the rink that I went to when I was in elementary school. It was fun to revisit and see that the place hasn't changed one bit. Lexi had a blast skating for hours with her friends and so did her dad, my brother. It was a hoot!

There were several people there who were really good skaters (adults) and a lot of the men were skating arm in arm while doing some fancy footwork. One of the times Drew and Kevin skated around, they were in the lovely pose in the last picture showing us their moves. Too funny!!

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