Friday, January 8, 2010

My Little Secret

I.Love.Martha. There, I said it...out loud. I have always been a fan of her style, perfectionism, meticulious ways, and her ability to make money. I know her personality leaves a little to be desired but I really do admire her ambition and all she has accomplished. I met her almost a year ago when she was at Macy's for a book signing. I took Ava and was prepared to wait in the unbelievable line for her to sign my book. As as was waiting at the end of the line with hundreds of people in front of me, I started chatting with the ladies around me. All were super nice and helped pass the time until Martha started signing. While we were waiting and the line continued to grow behind us, a woman dressed very sharply came and asked if I wanted to come to the front of the line because I had a small baby with me. She worked for Martha and was instructed to do a sweep of the line to ask anyone with small babies to come to the front. She took Ava and I right up to the front of the line with a handful of other mothers with their babies. Martha arrived shortly and the signing began. We all got our books signed and Martha was so nice. She even said Ava was beautiful. And no I don't think she said that to all the mothers ;o) Needless to say we had a great time meeting Martha and her dogs even if Ava won't ever remember it!!

I wanted to share one of my recent Martha finds that I just printed out to use in our house. I thought it might be helpful to all you mother's out there too. Check out this cute illustrated phone list that will keep all those important digits handy for you and the babysitter. Thanks Martha!

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