Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bun

Simon has developed quite the little personality these days.  He loves to run through the house at full speed while Ava laughs hysterically.  He likes chewing on things, mainly pillows.  Ugh!  After he has run himself ragged, he finds the closest air vent and flops over on it.  He usually lays on the vent in Ava's room after he has drug out all of her little people.  He makes just as big of a mess with toys as Ava does.

Some of Ava's favorite things to tell Simon are...
"Get down, Bunny!"
"No, no, Bunny!!"
"Bunny fast!"

Apparently I scold Simon a lot because those are the phrases Ava has picked up on.  I just keep telling myself he is still a youngster and he will calm down.  I think I was just so used to Sweet Pea who would go back in her cage when you told her too and didn't want to chew on everything in sight.  Even with all the bun antics in our house, we love him dearly. 

Have a great weekend all and remember those who have served our country.
 God Bless You All!

1 comment:

  1. I miss my little bunnies. I can't convince my hubs to let me have one, but I do miss how they stretch out their hind legs like you have featured! :)