Thursday, May 20, 2010


Once a month our playgroup tries to do a "field trip" with our wee ones.  Only 2 of us could make it this time but we still had a blast at MoBOT.  I warned you yesterday that there were lots of pictures and I wasn't kidding.  Get ready!!

The Children's Garden was fun for Ava but crowded and stressful for me!

Ava probably crawled through this little log 20 times and would not have stopped unless I made her move on to something else.

The 3 wee ones on top of what looks like a mulch pile but it was rubber.  Only one is semi-smiling and not looking at the camera and the other 2 aren't smiling...oh well!

Out of the Children's Garden and both mommies could relax a little. The regular garden was so much less crowded and peaceful.

Ava stomping through the rose garden.  At least it looks like she's stomping, ha!

The kids found this fountain while wandering the paths.  Look how happy Caeleigh looks playing in the water.  So cute!!

This was by far our favorite spot in the garden.  The 3 kiddos could play freely through the trimmed scrubs, we could see them at all times and there was rarely anyone else in this area.  There were several fountains to ohhh and ahhh over, too. 

Pretty pansies,

pretty baby,

and one pretty awesome day!

Don't forget the winner of the snack bag and Target gift card will be announced tomorrow at noon.  Yippeee!!

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