Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Some glittery stickers from Michael's picked out by Miss Ava...
Black and white photos of the little dear...
Some crayons and cardstock...
Careful placement of stickers...
And HOORAY!  A handmade Mother's Day card for the grandmas and great-grandmas!
Yes, I did about 75% of the work on these but she did a great job coloring the back and placing the stickers all by herself.  You can tell by the smile on her face just how much she loves stickers. She was quite proud of these when she finished which made my part in the cards totally worth it!

*The font is called Red Star.  Not quite sure were I found it otherwise I would link to it.


  1. I love the photo you used for the cards!

  2. I love how intense she looked in the first pic! What a great thing to do for her grammas. You are a good mommy!