Monday, May 3, 2010

Tutorial: "Green" Snack Bags

This project started with an urgent email from a friend (Hi Valerie!) about making some party favors for her two adorable sons.  She knew she wanted some hot/cold packs made out of dino print and something else that would ship well and not weigh a ton because it was going to London.  I had seen these here and here and thought they were adorable.  They went on my to-make list and I just hadn't gotten around to them yet.  Here was my chance. 

~These are very easy to make in assembly style fashion so keep that in mind and make more than you think you need.  There are so many uses for these little cuties!!~

cotton fabric
unbleached muslin for the lining
sew on velcro

Cut your fabrics into 12 x 7 rectangles. I was able to double my fabric and cut 2 panels out at a time with my rotary cutter.  Cut your velcro into 5 1/2 inch strips.  Use whatever width velcro you like.  I choose a skinny one so little hands could easily get it open.  If you can only get your hands on the wider stuff then just cut it in half.

With your fabrics facing right sides together, pin and sew both 7 inch sides using 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Press your seams to the patterned side.  Then turn you fabric the right side out and press again.

With your nicely pressed rectangle in front of you muslin side up, place your velcro on each side of the 7 inch side.  Velcro was a booger to pin through so I used used a large paper clip to hold it in place and it worked out great.  Just eyeball where it should be.  I decided to use a zigzag stitch to secure the velcro because I was using skinny pieces.  If you are using wider velcro you would want to opt for sewing around the edges of the velcro.  I also changed my needle to something a little heavier to plow through that velcro.

I ended up really liking how the stitch looked on the outside of the bags.

Fold your fabric right sides together again and pin along the sides.  Sew along the sides to close up your little bag.

To keep the fabric from fraying, sew a zigzag stich along the sides.  Trim away any stray fibers.  You can see there is still a stray on my photo...whoops!

Turn right side out and ta-da!!  You now have the cutest little velcro bag.

See the little dino packs too.  So cute and easy to make as well.

You can make these in any size and use them for any purpose other than snacks. 

~Make one to throw in your purse to hold your lip gloss and chapstick.
~Put your little guys cars in it to take to a friends house.
~Tote around crayons and stickers to keep your little one busy at the doctor's office.
~Throw out the bulky puzzle boxes and store the pieces in one of these little guys instead.
~I loved Emily's idea of putting M&Ms in it to take to the movies.

With so many cute fabrics you can go nuts making these.  I'd love to hear your ideas of what you would use these pouches for. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Amy! Please email me: hello {at} I have a question about the snack packs. :)

  2. Amy, I may have some answers for you about why your sewing machine was acting up a few weeks ago. I had some trouble with mine the past few days and I remembered what you had been saying about yours. Email me!!