Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Face

Yesterday Cole was one month old.  Where in the world did the time go!?  He's a great eater and sleeper and is in general a happy go lucky little guy.  He's very eager to try to lift his head to look around.  He's started to coo at me when I talk to him which just melts my heart.  He loves to make this tight little "O" with his lips and has started to smile when I make the "O" face back at him.  Such a blessing he has been to our family.

Ava loves him to death.  She showers him with kisses (in a good way) and is always trying to share her toys with him.  Me, on the other hand, she is not too thrilled with.  She's having a bit of a time adjusting to mommy giving attention to Cole instead of her.  I'm just patiently waiting for her to get back to her sweet self.  Hopefully it's sooner rather than later!


  1. Sharp intake of breath as I view another wonderful photo of Cole. How gorgeous is that baby boy?! You must be SO proud!
    It's lovely to read all you news Amy all the way over here in the UK!
    Love reading your blog, pleased I just 'stumbled' across it! JanUK

  2. S made the same faces...too cute. Can't wait to meet that lil' guy in person! Miss you all!