Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Day

We're all still hanging on to this sickness, ugh!  So instead of being out and about, we are trapped indoors.  Today I played with our new camera a bit.  There have been a lack of cute bunny pictures lately on the ol' blog so Simon was my model for a few of these.  However, he is way too fast to be a good model.  I took a gazillion pictures of the bun but in most of them he is just a grey blur.  Here's our house bound day so far...

Extreme close up of the bun himself.  
Don't you just love his outrageous hair style!

Ava and I practiced our silly faces.  
She practiced with fruit snacks in her mouth.  
I practiced without the fruit snacks.

Cole worked on his "Up, up and away" Superman pose.

Ava got out all the toys she could find...
the house still looks like this.

Simon spent the morning stealing all of Ava's toys that 
he could carry.  His favorites are these wooden cookies.

Finally, naps.  
Thank God for nap time!  Both kiddos are asleep at the 
same time, and I might actually get a shower in.  Hallelujah!!

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  1. Not only cute kids but a cute bunny too - Amy that is going TOO far!!! Glad you all had fun!