Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick Days

All 4 of us have been sick the last week or so.  There have been a lot of tea parties and napping going on lately.  Not to mention all day pajama parties and PB & J for dinner.  Today I actually was coherent, alert and showered before 8.  Hallelujah!!  It made me start to feel human again.  

Little Cole man has been a trooper.  He's had a stuffy nose and the cutest little cough.  We've been using the nose sucker thingy on him all the time.  Luckily, he doesn't seem to be bothered too much by it.  He has been such a good baby especially considering that he's been sick 1 of his 3 short weeks here.  We're even getting tons of smiles while he's awake and asleep.  I know it's probably just gas but hey, I'll take it!

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  1. Sick or not Amy - that little guy is too cute!!! JanUK