Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Big Day for a Little Lady

The big day came and went, and we were all exhausted the next couple days. My baby turned one. I know that everyone says "enjoy it while they are little" and "they grow up so fast" but you never really absorb all of those words until you have one of your own. Then it becomes all too true, too fast.

We had the big party with both sides of the families and friends, so our small ranch was jammed with people. I wasn't anticipating the 100 degree weather that day. In my mind, people would be in the back yard sipping tea and lemonade while the kids played. The reality was my brother sweat his butt off cooking hot dogs and a few people stepped outside only to realize their skin was already melting off! Despite the heat, the party was fun...just crowded.

Ava was very curious about her presents and wanted to keep looking at it before moving on to the next gift, so I had to move things along a little at times. The poor girl looked scared out of her mind when everyone sang to her and had no clue it was OK to dive into her cake. It was a very big day for our little one. Next year will be much more low key.

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  1. Your little girl is adorable! My aunt has a baby girl and I have gone through my share of the parties. I like your blog, good pictures and good writing.