Monday, August 31, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Little miss HATES me trimming her nails. Unfortunately, hers grow like crazy, so this is usually a bi-weekly occurrence. I have to sit on the floor and try to distract her with books, while I try to trim all her little digits. She wiggles and waggles while I struggle not to clip something other than nail. It hasn't been fun...until lately. The past few times I have trimmed her nails, she then wants to do it to herself and me. She acts like she's doing what I do and tries to give me a book and then clips my nails. I think this has helped her fear of the nail clippers tremendously. She realizes it doesn't hurt and cracks herself up while taking care of Mommy and herself. I'm going to have to watch myself because she is copying everything I do lately. If I sneeze, she sneezes. If I laugh, she laughs. You get the picture. I've always said little ones are sponges and that is oh so the case with Miss Ava.

Oh and on another note, she took her first independent steps last night. She has been "walking" between Steve and I but really not walking more like falling. Last night we were practicing and spaced ourselves farther apart. She took at least 4 steps to get in between us and was so proud of herself. I'm happy that the walking will start soon because she is almost 13 months but on the other hand my world is going to drastically change too. I'm already chasing the little monkey all over the place. I think she's going to be a runner. She is a super fast crawler and that's the way she likes to walk too. Let the chasing begin!!!

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