Monday, August 24, 2009

Great Weekend

We had my favorite kind of weekend, busy but fun. The weekend started with me dropping Ava off at my mom's work so she could have a sleepover with Mamaw and Papa. We then visited our friends in the hospital who just had a beautiful baby girl. We took Pasta House with us and just hung out with them and baby G for a couple hours. It amazes me how fast you forget just how itty bitty a newborn is. Steve's still talking about when is baby 2 coming for us. Although he was talking about that when we brought Ava home from the hospital! When we came home that night we curled up on the couch and watched Stepbrother. Not my first choice but I still find myself laughing even though I tell myself I shouldn't. Steve went to bed and I stayed up and watched Twilight...I know I'm almost 30 and I know the acting is not good but I still love it and can't wait for New Moon in November!

Anywhoo, Saturday we cleaned the basement. With Ava gone we were able to work for hours straight without worrying about the munchkin. Not fun but so needed it!! We took a car full to Good Will and threw away a ton of stuff too. Our basement is so clean I think you could eat off of the floor, I wouldn't, but you could. When Ava got back we just chilled out for night which was nice.

Sunday was early church, lunch, mowed the lawn with the hubby, and made spinach noodles for dinner. I even squeezed a nap in there too while daddy and baby played. Like I said, very busy weekend but we got a lot accomplished and had fun while doing it. The weather was AMAZING here over the weekend too. Now it's back to the week as usual.

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