Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Goofy Girl

The older she gets the more fun it is to be around her. She is developing quite the little personality and is starting to do sneaky things that she knows she shouldn't. She got some blocks for her birthday. You know the old school kind that most of us had as kids. Well, the first thing my daughter does is see how far she can shove one in her mouth. She then decides to share with me. Hope there is no lead in that paint!!
Later the same day I was cutting up a watermelon. BTW, the kid is obsessed with fruit which will become clear by the end of this little story. While I was cutting it up she was playing very loudly in the kitchen with some toys. All of a sudden I realized it had gotten very quiet and I think we all know what that means. Ava was doing something that she really shouldn't be doing. I look over the edge to see my lovely daughter reaching into the trash can and using her fingernails to scrape bits of watermelon off the rind I had thrown away. Ewww!! Thank goodness I had just put in a new bag and it was the only thing in the trash can but still. Gotta love all the naughtiness she is now getting into. I can't wait to see what else is in store. Before she realized she was busted...
After she realized she was busted...this is her best innocent face. And notice her hand is still in the trash can!

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