Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Girl Bed

We're starting to gear up for the new little guy coming in a few months.  We want Ava to be in a full sized bed by then so the baby will get Ava's old crib.  In order to start the transition, I took the front off her crib and introduced her to her new "big girl" bed.  She was super excited and wanted to play on her bed all day Friday.  

She went to bed great at 8:00 Friday night.  I checked on her at 10:30 and she was still snoozing soundly.  Steve checked on her at 12:30 and he came to get me.  This is what we saw.  She apparently rolled out of the bed and sprawled out on the floor and fell right back to sleep.  I was glad I left her bumper on the floor in front of the bed to soften the landing a little.  We haven't had any more rolling incidents so I think one time was all she needed.  Good thing she's a quick learner!

On a side note, the kid looks like a giant in this picture.  It's a good thing she is getting a bigger bed soon because she fills up her little crib bed as it is now!


  1. That is so funny - I had to call Tom into the room to look at the pic too!