Monday, October 4, 2010

Look Out World

We found out Thursday that we'll be welcoming a new little guy into our family in February.  We're super excited and now I can shop on the other side of the stores now too.  Steve's excited because the balance in the house will be restored.  I told him that Simon has always been on his side but he insists the furball doesn't count.

The funny thing is whenever we tell people the response is something like, "Ohhhhhh, well he definitely will keep you busy and you should get your rest now."  The tone is never in a good way either.  It's that you're-in-for-it-now kind of tone.  I don't think people are trying to make me nervous but it's starting to creep into my thinking.  It can't though!  It's just a little boy.  I know we have been extremely lucky with Ava who is a super sweet and good little girl but come on.  He's still our kiddo and he's going to be fun no matter how spunky and full of energy he is.  Let the little boy things start to invade our house!!  We're ready!

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