Monday, December 14, 2009

Almost Santa

We had big plans to take Ava to see Santa on Sunday. The operative word there is had. I refuse to pay the astronomical prices at the mall, so when I found out from my mother in law that Bass Pro Shop was going to have free pictures with Santa I was in. I was a little leery that Santa might have a Red Ryder BB gun and a fishing pole but I was game anyway. We loaded Ava in the car, picked up the MIL and headed out for Bass Pro.

After the 30 minute ride to get there, Steve hopped out of the car to go get in line. As we were headed in he called and told us to get right back in the car. What?!? It was 3 o'clock and I was thinking we might have to wait 1/2 an hour but I was just a wee bit off. They gave Steve a line ticket to come back and get in line at 6. Who knew Santa was this popular. Ava was very restless so we decided to head in and let her walk around for a while. They had quite the winter wonderland there. We never saw Santa because he was on a break the 1/2 hour we were there...bummer. However, they had all kinds of toys set up for the kids to beg their parents for while they waited. Among my favorites were the pink crossbow with the phrase "bring 'em up right" on the box, a stuffed deer head, and a target practice game. While there was no Santa in sight, it was still an entertaining outing. Where else can you take your picture with a stuffed raccoon for Christmas?

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