Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Here

The holiday season is really and truly here. We went to a concert Friday night at the Cathedral downtown complete with a bell choir, children's choir, and adult choir. Saturday was the annual wrapping party for the family our group of friends adopts every year. My friend, Amy, organizes and hosts a party every year where our group of friends buys all the gifts for a family and then gets together to wrap all the presents. It's always a good time. The kids ended up having a dance party in their family room. It was quite a site!

The presents in our house have all been wrapped and I can confidently say I have only one more person to buy for and he's always my easiest...that is until this year. I'm drawing a complete blank on Steve. I pride myself on giving gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and fun. This year for him I've got nada! I know I'll pull something out in the end but for now I'm constantly thinking and looking.

Steve took off yesterday and we actually watched 2 movies together. That never happens. It was nice though. A time to curl up together and just be next to each other while Ava was sleeping. Grown up time is so good and so valuable now. You take it when you can get it!

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