Monday, December 21, 2009

Warehouse Sale

I have an obsession with books. I love the way they smell, the way a new book feels when you open it and I really enjoy children's books too. The children's books are always so colorful and tell such wonderful stories. I have definitely passed along that love to Ava already. The kid will sit for half an hour and look through her books "reading" to herself.

Since I was a teacher, I get emails about Scholastic's warehouse sales. For those of you who don't know, Scholastic is the company that sends home monthly flyers with your kids from school. They sell books for a reasonable price and it always got my kiddos super excited about reading. Anyway, when I found out they were having their big sale right before Christmas, I knew I had to go. I emailed some girlfriends and we made a date. I ended up spending close to $60 on books. I know, I's a lot. You have to remember I was the girl who spent her allowance on books instead of makeup and clothes. Everything was 50% off and I know how much Ava and I love reading her books so it was money well spent. I also picked up several of the Disney fairy chapter books for my niece's upcoming 8th birthday.

If I could pick my ideal career, besides teaching, I would definitely own a bookstore. One of those small, quirky stores that has all the books you have been searching for...forever. I would host monthly book club meetings in the store that everyone would make treats to share at each meeting. I would know all my regulars by name and they would know about me and my family. Of course, we would serve great coffee too. I don't know how many of those types of stores still exist with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders running the show now. That is my ideal though...a girl can dream *sigh*

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