Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One of Those Christmas Tree People

We have been so busy lately! Busy in a good way though. Now that I can say Thanksgiving is officially over after 4 dinners ending on Sunday, it's on with the Christmas cheer! I like to get my tree up the day after Thanksgiving but seeing as I had people eating here Friday and I was cooking the entire turkey spread that wasn't happening. Steve finally got our tree up last night and Ava was oh so intrigued by the entire process. She even got under the tree while Steve was plugging in all the lights on our pre-lit tree (love it!).

Today is my dilemma. I am one who has matching ornaments on the tree meaning our tree is all silver, blue, and green. We don't have a tree with ornaments from when we were kids. This is an adult tree. So yes, I am one of *THOSE* Christmas tree people! I love the kid trees but I want our kids to make the ornaments for that tree, so that will come probably next year when Ava can help make some ornaments for the tree. But back to my dilemma. The kid is fascinated by ornaments and all things sparkly. I have silver glittered feathers on our tree, some ribbon, and lights right now. Ava won't even leave the feathers alone. I'm terrified that if I put glass ornaments on the tree with hooks she will end up breaking one or worse yet cut herself. I'm not worried about anything going in her mouth so at least that's one less thing to harp on! I guess I can always decorate the top half of the tree and leave the glass and hooks out of her reach. That would be one unique looking tree though! Oh well, at least the tree is up even if it never fully gets decked out!

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  1. lol That was Z last year...Give it a few days, though, and the newness will wear off. (Or, you'll get tired and give in to the top-half-only decorated tree!) hehe

    MISS YOU GUYS!!!!! (Been a bit homesick lately!) :)