Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elmo Everyday

There is no question in our house who the favorite Sesame Street character is...ELMO!!!  When Ava gets up in the morning, she will bring us the remote and ask for Elmo.  When she drinks milk before taking a nap, she wants to watch Elmo.  If she's crying in her crib at 2 in the morning and we go in, she will ask for Elmo.  The little red guy gets lots of love in our house.  She only has a few Elmo toys but she does love them.  This little travel Elmo set is great and she adores it.  She always puts Elmo on the table.  Who knows why.  If only we understood all her chatter, I'm sure she would tell detail.  We've actually had to limit Elmo in our house to only watching him on TV once a day because she would literally watch it all day if I let her.  It's a good thing that I actually like Sesame Street too otherwise I might go a little nuts.  The last shot is of her kissing Elmo.  She's big into giving kisses now which is so cute!!

1 comment:

  1. There's a current obsession with the "Elmo's Potty Time" DVD in our house. Ask me anything about Elmo's personal potty habits - I know it all forward and backward. :)