Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Never Too Early

Ava now prays before dinner.  I say pray but what would be more accurate is that she folds her hands and then watches Steve and me as we pray followed by saying something that sounds vaguely like Amen.  It is the cutest darn thing!

With an 18 month old, you never really know how much they understand.  Praying was something I wasn't sure she was going to catch onto.  I was way wrong on that one.  She and I were reading a book the other day and there was a picture of a little boy kneeling by his bed and praying.  She immediately puts the book down, folds her little hands and looks at me like, "OK mommy, time to pray."  Little sponges, I tell you! 


  1. Cute story - I love how she's picked up good values even at just 18 months! Kudos to your sharp parenting.

  2. Hi Amy,

    What a great mom you are. I love reading your Blog. Ava is darling and I can already tell.....CCL!!

    Miss you,