Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Sweet Pea

Our darling bunny, Sweet Pea, passed away on Saturaday rather unexpectedly.  In memory of her, I thought I would tell you a little about her. 

I bought Sweet Pea almost 7 years ago while I was doing my student teaching.  I was still living at home and finishing up grad school so of course I needed a bunny too.  I was in a pet store and she stole my heart.  She was supposed to be a mini lop-earred bunny but for those of you who knew her would laugh at using the word mini in the same sentence as Sweet Pea.  She was actually larger than my dad's chihuahua.  What drew me to her in the store was her ears.  She had one ear up and one down when I bought her and they stayed that way for the longest time.  I thought it gave her character.  Eventually her ear fell and she became a true lop-earred bunny.  She ruled the roost at my dad's house keeping all 3 dogs in check.  That included the chihuahua, black lab and the pit bull.  She had spunk and I truly think she thought she was a dog too.

Once Steve and I married, I waited a few months and then moved her here.  Steve was not too excited and didn't quite understand what there was to love about a bunny.  Eventually that changed and he loved her too.  She was free to roam the house for hours each night and would always stay in the room with us.  If I was on the computer, she was my foot warmer.  If I was reading a book, she would snuggle up next to my leg.  She was like my baby until Ava came along.

Once Ava came, Sweet Pea took the back seat and never complained.  Ava pulled her ears, pet her way too hard, and chased her through the house all the while never biting or thumping at her.  They were actually best buds.  Ava and Sweet Pea grew to become friends and playmates.  They had their own games they would play and Ava would just laugh and laugh at her.  Just last week, I couldn't find Ava or Sweet Pea and was frantically searching the house.  I finally heard, "Momma" and looked to find both Sweet Pea and Ava laying together under the dining room table happy as could be. 

Sweet Pea had so much personality and character.  She was the 4th member of our family.  She passed away quickly on Saturday of what I think was either kidney or liver failure.  I held her as she left us and cried for all the good times she had with us and all the laughs she gave us.  She was a great pet and will never leave our hearts. 

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  1. Hi! Thanks for following; I really like your blog, too!

    My condolences for your loss. I grew up with house bunnies and can completely relate to the love you shared with Sweat Pea.