Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let the Sewing Resume

I just finished up a sewing project for a friend (Hi Amy!) that ended up taking me waaaay longer than it should have due to the baby and the constant sickness.  The patterns are nothing new but the fabrics are super cute so I thought I would share.  12 "green" snack bags and 2 drawstring swim bags in adorable fun.  Ava and I both think the farm animals are our favorites.  

Ava is my little assistant now for all sewing projects.  By assistant I mean kid who spreads all the fabric that's been cut all over the table and counts the cows, piggies, bugs, etc. while making the appropriate mooing and oinking noises.  At least she's working on counting skills, right?

Up next for sewing is a doll for Ava.  I'll share as I start to make some progress.  

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  1. Those look great! Thanks so much for making them for us!