Monday, September 14, 2009

Art Time!!!

I am very much a routine person. I think that comes from being a teacher and knowing that not only adults like routine but kids thrive on it. Now that Ava is getting a little older (and walking BTW!!), I thought it was time to introduce art into our daily activities. For her birthday she got some markers that she has been dieing for me to get out of the package since she got them. I have had them sitting on my desk and she would get them down and bring them to me almost daily. I thought it was time because the kid is obsessed with writing with pens and pencils on every piece of paper she can find. She did well for her first time using them. She did however have just as much fun lining them up in a line and clinking them together to see what kind of noise they would make. She also kept thinking that the color was going through to the other side of the paper. That's why there are some confused looks and her lifting up the paper. All in all the markers were a success and will be used regularly I'm sure. Thanks Alicia!!

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