Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twilight Tuesdays

The weather here has been amazing, and I was looking for something for us to do outside. That's when I heard about Twilight Tuesdays on the radio. Forest Park is a great place in STL that holds all kinds of events. Twilight Tuesdays are free concerts that happen at 6:30 in front of our beautiful History Museum. I got online to get more info, and it encourages you to bring your own food and drinks. I was all ready for a picnic. Well I had nothing on all the people around us. They all had tables, chairs, and every type of food and drink imaginable. The people next to us were eating shrimp and sipping wine. My meat, cheese, and olives looks shabby compared to them :o) The music was great! Jazz is the perfect music for Ava. She danced all night and it wasn't too loud or crazy for her. The jazz singer was a local, Denise Thimes, who was amazing. There was a dance floor and people were dancing the night away. It was good family time for the 3 of us. Ava is at that great age where she laughs and tries to sing and dance. She definitely entertains us and the people around us. By the end of the night she was beat and so were Steve and I. Next time, we're bringing friends and I'm going to out do our neighbors with the food ;o) Living close to the city definitely has it's perks!


  1. Did you move to the city away from O'Fallon??

  2. Nope still in O'Fallon but the drive isn't bad at all. I saw all the pics of your new house and it looks great! Hope you guys enjoy it. I can't believe how big Bennett it too!! Hope school is going well for you. We should get the kids together soon.