Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Miss Independent

Little Miss Ava is not acting so little these days. She is climbing all over everything, walking, using a fork and spoon, not drinking out of a bottle anymore and refuses to have help with anything. If I try to help her feed herself, hold the paper while she colors or writes, or try to hand her sippy cup to her she pushes my hand away and makes this face at me like, "Mommy, I'm a big girl." For crying out loud she is only 13 months old!! It's fun to see her exploring and trying new things on her own but at the same time a little sad that she's not a baby anymore :o( I guess that means we'll have to have another one soon. She does still like to cuddle and is giving kisses now to me and Steve. By kisses I mean she opens her mouth and comes at you like she's going to head butt you but she tries and we know what she means. They grow up too stinkin' fast. I am loving every minute of it though!! (PS - Don't you love the concentration on her face in the last one. She really wanted that last carrot!)

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