Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking My Monkey to See the Monkeys

Still a little sleepy, we got to the St. Louis Zoo at 9:00.

First stop, STINGRAYS!! Very slimey but oh so cool!

She got to pet these guys!

The not so happy Otter Family: Sean, Caeleigh, Carter, and Ava.

She's wondering why she has to stand next to the statue of the frog.

Meercat in the children's zoo. Looks a little bored don't you think??

Before leaving the children's zoo, we went in to pet the goats. One of them head butted her in the head but no tears just a very confused look.

Where's the hippo??

All this animal watching made her hungry...SNACK TIME!!

Primate House was fun but a little stinky!

Mommy Pic

Daddy Pic

Thank you Zoo for not costing us a dime and letting the kids have fun while the parents had fun too! We'll have to go back because we didn't see a ton of the animals. We had a gorgeous day, all the kids were really good, and we even ate a picnic lunch outside. It was a very happy zoo day for us!

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