Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friends & Wine

At least twice a year we make a trip out to the Augusta wineries here in Missouri. We go not for the wine but more for the fun we have with our friends. I'm not going to lie...Missouri wine is not all that tasty. It's OK but tends to be very sweet which does not sit well with me. Down HWY 94 there are a plethora of wineries to chose from. Some let you bring in your own food and others don't. Some charge for tastings, others don't. There is really a winery to fit everyone. Most weekends, especially in the fall, there are live bands. They are almost all family friendly too. We always make it a day without our wee one though. One of our favorites is Chandler Hill Vineyards. Great wine (from California as their grapes aren't ready yet) and very yummy food. We didn't make it there this day but we did manage to have a great time at Mount Pleasant and Balducci Wineries. Balducci has a corn field that interested the guys, so they were reenacting a scene from a Kevin Costner movie (can you guess which one??) but that quickly lead to other photos by the corn too. It was a fun time and we are looking forward to our next visit.

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