Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cutting Grass = Family Time

Since I was about 12, I have cut the grass at our house. We had a rather large yard and a riding lawn mower, so it wasn't a big deal and was actually fun at times. Back then I was worried about getting a tan and the mower would do the trick! I'm not much of a talker, more of a think things over and then say my peace kinda girl. Mowing the grass let me have time to my thoughts even at that young age. Now that I'm older and have a house, I still mow the grass but now we all go outside for that hour or so. I push the mower while Steve trims, puts down fertilizer, or pulls weeds. Ava hangs out in the pack 'n play and waves to me every time I get to her side of the yard. I think in her head I'm playing a game with her. It's a pretty satisfying job because when you are finished you can stand back and see the work you've accomplished. When Ava's old enough I will teach her how to mow the grass too. Steve's concerned that Ava will be too much of a girly-girl but come on how many girly-girls do you know that mow the grass?? I think we're safe.

BTW, I'm obsessed with Ava's hat so you will probably see her in it a lot this fall and winter I keep trying to tell myself that I could pull off that look too, right?? :o)

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